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Putin says deaths in Gaza as shocking as those in Ukraine


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Published November 22,2023


Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday stated the deaths in Gaza are as stunning as these which are occurring in Ukraine.

“I understand that this war (in Ukraine) cannot but shock me. Isn’t the bloody coup in Ukraine in 2014, followed by the war of the Kyiv regime against its people in Donbas, shocking? Isn’t the extermination of the civilian population in Palestine and the Gaza Strip shocking today?” Putin stated in an deal with on the digital G-20 leaders’ summit.

“Isn’t it shocking that the secretary-general of the United Nations (António Guterres) said Gaza is becoming a graveyard for children?”

Putin stated what is going on in Ukraine is a tragedy, they usually should search for methods to cease it. “Yes, of course, military action is always a tragedy. Specific people, specific families, and the country as a whole. And, of course, we must think about how to stop this tragedy.”

He stated it was Ukraine that refused to barter and closed the way in which for dialogue via its adoption of an order prohibiting such a step, whereas Moscow was all the time able to take such a step.

Russia says it launched its “special military operation” to “denazify” and “demilitarize” Ukraine, and defend the nation’s Russian-speaking inhabitants. The West, nevertheless, see the army marketing campaign that began in February 2022 as a warfare of aggression.

Arguing that Moscow is making an attempt to attain justice in Ukraine, Putin stated the stress within the international economic system is just not due to Russia, however because of the “ill-conceived macroeconomic policies” of different international locations.

“The injection of trillions of dollars and euros into the economy and into the banking system, of course, provoked a surge in global inflation and a rapid rise in food and energy prices. This is precisely what lies at the heart of the events I spoke about. Not our actions and not our attempts to achieve justice in Ukraine. No. Precisely the actions of the world’s largest economies,” he stated.

He added that “unfair methods of competition” are being utilized by some international locations, which he stated embody not solely the destruction of transport and logistics chains and worldwide cost channels, but additionally “acts of state terrorism.”

“A blatant example of this is the explosion of the Nord Stream gas pipeline system, laid along the bottom of the Baltic Sea,” he stated.

Source: www.anews.com.tr

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