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Turkish women’s football team surges into UEFA Nations League B


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In an electrifying surge by the UEFA Nations League Group C, the Turkish ladies’s soccer crew, underneath coach Necla Güngör Kıragası, clinched 4 consecutive victories with out a single objective slipping previous their decided protection.

This triumphant streak has earned them a well-deserved promotion to the B League, highlighting meticulous planning and three years of concerted effort by the crew.

Kıragası, the mastermind orchestrating this success story, shared insights throughout an interview with Anadolu Agency (AA) on the TFF Hasan Doğan National Teams Camp and Training Facilities.

She mirrored on the accomplishment of their ambitions this yr and the enjoyment of exceeding targets set three years in the past.

“This journey unfolded step by step, with each milestone bringing us closer to ultimate happiness. When we assumed control of the team three years ago, we set our sights on the Nations League. We meticulously crafted the team’s core squad and game plan during this period. Assessing our competition in the UEFA Nations C League, we identified teams we could dominate with our style of play, devising strategies accordingly. The result speaks for itself. Before the tournament kickoff, we laid out our aspirations to the players: go undefeated, secure a spot in the B League with six wins out of six, and maintain an impenetrable defense,” Kıragası mentioned.

Having conquered the primary 4 matches with a flawless report, the crew now units its sights on the B League, the place Kıragası anticipates going through harder adversaries.

“Our approach in the C League was a steadfast defense in the 3rd zone, executing set plays with precision. In the B League, the dynamics will shift towards the 2nd zone, demanding smoother transitions and pitting us against formidable opponents. Our goal is not merely success in the B League; we aim to establish the Turkish national team as a force with a well-defined game plan. The journey from the Nations League to the European Championship is on our horizon, and we intend to tread that path with gusto,” she added.

Highlighting the rising reputation of ladies’s soccer, Kıragası expressed satisfaction with the eye her gamers garnered.

“The girls are now basking in the same limelight as the boys. The motivation is intrinsic; my players understand the transformative nature of this process. It’s a pivotal moment for them, as girls in football are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Motivation takes care of itself; all I do is set the goal, and they’re already doing what’s necessary,” she remarked.

Acknowledging the importance of initiatives like TFF and Ülker’s “Star Girls of the Future” challenge, Kıragası emphasised its influence on nurturing expertise and constructing the ladies’s nationwide crew’s infrastructure.

“This project, with its digital reach spanning across borders, has the potential to discover and guide young talents from Türkiye and beyond. The tremendous support we received in Elazığ and Çorum, breaking attendance records, fuels our optimism for the future. It’s not just about winning matches; it’s about inspiring a community, and for that, I express my heartfelt gratitude to our supporters,” she added.

Ecem Esen, a midfielder within the nationwide crew, echoed the crew’s elation at attaining their objectives and expressed gratitude for the overwhelming help acquired from followers throughout matches in Anatolia.

“In the B League, we aim to be a team that knows its objectives and relentlessly strives for them. The support from our fans is a driving force that propels us to give our best on the field,” Esen mentioned.

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