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On eve of 1st flight, Turkish technology minister lays out goals of National Space Program


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Published January 18,2024


For the primary time, a Turkish citizen is embarking on house journey, mentioned the Turkish know-how minister on Thursday, additionally laying out extra plans for Türkiye’s National Space Program.

“We are now starting crewed space exploration, which is a collective achievement of our country,” Mehmet Fatih Kacır mentioned on X on Thursday, hours earlier than the flight-after a one-day postponement-is set to launch.

He outlined most of the objectives for Türkiye’s National Space Program, one among which is constructing a Turkish house station, saying: “We will boost our capability to travel to space with our domestic rocket systems, establish a space station of our own, and even make a lunar journey using indigenous spacecraft.”

“We also aim to produce indigenous satellite sets for positioning and timing,” he added.

When assembly Türkiye’s premier house traveler Col. Alper Gezeravcı-who is because of launch overnight-Kacır mentioned he instructed him: “When you arrive at the International Space Station, not only you, but also all of Türkiye’s hopes will be carried through the threshold to space, as we are entering a new chapter in space science.”

Kacır mentioned Gezeravcı will do 13 scientific experiments throughout his two-week keep on the station, starting from experiments on microalgae life help items for house missions to the consequences of microgravity on the human respiratory system.

He that the intention of the house science mission is to provide Turkish scientists analysis that goes past current work, to make new discoveries, to encourage youth and the remainder of Turkish society, and to make sure that science, innovation, and know-how develop to be embraced extra.

He underlined that they aren’t backing away from the National Technology Initiative, since they’ve simply begun a manned house journey mission, and as Kacır mentioned: “Be proud, Türkiye.”


Kacır pressured the connection between the nation’s first crewed house journey and the numerous tasks being carried out by Turkish rocket producers comparable to Roketsan, DeltaV, and Tübitak Sage.

On the stage of house science Türkiye has reached, he mentioned analysis within the space was fairly restricted till the 2000s.

“In the last 22 years, we have produced our domestic imaging satellites Rasat, Göktürk and Imece, and we are preparing to launch into space our first communication satellite, the Türksat 6A,” he mentioned.

Stating that Türkiye gained the capability to go to house by way of liquid-fueled and hybrid-fueled rocket applied sciences, Kacır added that new tasks to be developed for house science and applied sciences will convey each strategic and financial advantages to the nation.

Source: www.anews.com.tr

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