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Istanbul to extract water from dams’ bottoms amid drought crisis

Istanbul to extract water from dams’ bottoms amid drought crisis

With an impending drought disaster threatening Türkiye’s most populous metropolis’s water provide all through the autumn and winter, preparations are actually underway to extract water from the depths of dams, stated Dursun Yıldız, head of the Water Policies Association.

Yıldız expressed concern, stating: “The European part of Istanbul has endured an extended period of drought since the previous year, and what started as meteorological drought has now evolved into a hydrological crisis. The dams that provide water to the European part have depleted significantly due to the lack of precipitation. In response, measures are being implemented to access the lower, so-called ‘dead volume,’ of these dams to extend the usage of our dwindling water reserves.”

Highlighting the potential challenges forward, Yıldız emphasised that the standard of water obtained from these decrease dam areas could pose technical difficulties for purification services. He additionally famous that Istanbul’s water drawback has been aggravated by the failure to fee the Melen Dam, particularly contemplating the town’s 16 million inhabitants.

“The inoperable Melen Dam has disrupted Istanbul’s water supply strategy, revealing the inadequacy of our water resources. It’s time to consider encouraging reverse migration from Istanbul,” he urged.

Yıldız burdened the urgency of adopting measures for the extra environment friendly utilization of Istanbul’s current water sources, cautioning that even when rainfall happens subsequent month and dam ranges rise, the issue will persist.

“Istanbul relies on three primary water collection and distribution axes. While the Ömerli Reservoir on the Anatolian part currently holds sufficient water, rainfall in the Terkos and Büyükçekmece basins on the European part is crucial. Although rainfall in the coming months may provide temporary relief to the Thrace region, it will not be a lasting solution.”

The absence of anticipated rainfall in September is heightening issues about water shortages in Istanbul. Following a interval of intense warmth and restricted precipitation, the water ranges in Istanbul’s dams have plummeted beneath 25%. The Sazlıdere Dam within the Büyükçekme district, a essential water supply for the European a part of Istanbul, is on the point of full depletion, with water capability plummeting to as little as 4%.

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