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News agency collaboration catalyst for Turkic unity, AA head says

News agency collaboration catalyst for Turkic unity, AA head says

Türkiye’s international news company, Anadolu Agency’s (AA) President and CEO Serdar Karagöz on Monday lauded shut and brotherly relations between Turkic nations as 5 of their news companies moved to kind an affiliation to extend collaboration.

Karagöz underlined the significance of linguistic commonalities amongst Turkic nations throughout a gathering of senior officers from 5 nations’ news companies, saying, “We believe in the integrative power of Turkic languages.”

Türkiye’s communications director, Fahrettin Altun, and Aksakallar Council of the Organization of Turkic States (OTS) Chairperson Binali Yıldırım additionally attended the assembly hosted by AA, wherein the Association of Turkic News Agencies (ATNA) was formally shaped.

The affiliation may also assist fight misinformation, Karagöz mentioned.

“Whenever a piece of news emerges from within the Turkic world, those five news agencies will act together to determine the reliability of it and will prevent the dissemination of a false one and manipulation efforts through this cooperation mechanism,” he mentioned, referring to the newly shaped ATNA.

“Manipulation and disinformation are two of the biggest risks in today’s world,” Karagöz mentioned, including that: “Fact-checking mechanisms are getting more important by the day.”

“The main purpose of news agencies is to inform the public most accurately,” he mentioned, including that the ATNA will give attention to methods to extend the reliability of its member companies.

Karagöz mentioned AA is “excited to cooperate with news agencies from the Turkic world that would also bring together Turkic nations even closer owing to their common history.”

“We have to display a determined stance against international media’s biased approach,” he mentioned, additionally reiterating President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s purpose of “achieving a Turkic world that plays a big role in the solution to global crises.”

He asserted, “I believe that we will contribute to the president’s goal with this association.”

“Every step that we take in this platform is important so that our voice is heard and our influence grows,” he mentioned.

“We will increase the level of cooperation between the institutions in the Turkic world and the potential of the Turkic world to adhere to a common approach,” he vowed.

“We are witnessing history being made here. The association that we are forming here will play a big role in building the joint approach, idea and excitement of the Turkic world,” Karagöz concluded.

Earlier, Karagöz and heads of companies from Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan signed a doc to kind the joint media platform ATNA formally.

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