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Türkiye to embark on 100th year with even greater aspirations, goals: Communications director


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Published November 01,2023


Türkiye will embark on the one hundredth yr with even “greater aspirations and goals,” the nation’s communications director stated.

“Through our Century of Türkiye programme and with our nation, we will embark on the 100th year of our Republic with even greater aspirations and goals,” Fahrettin Altun wrote in an article printed in Al Jazeera.

“To that end, we will first and foremost safeguard the gains made by our country through great sacrifices and efforts. At the same time, we will bolster our country’s will to assert its voice and make decisions on a global scale,” Altun stated.

The article-titled From Independence to the Future: Century of Türkiye-was additionally printed by a number of media shops in Japan, Bosnia and Herzegovia, China, Uzbekistan, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan.

By strengthening political and financial affect, Türkiye will proceed to ascend within the listing of the world’s main economies, stated Altun, including that with the help of Turkish folks, the nation will work towards peace and nurture the drive for progress.

“We will ensure that every citizen receives the rights, freedoms, prosperity, and future security that they deserve,” he stated.

Undoubtedly, he stated, the fruits of breakthroughs, which is able to get rid of the deficiencies of Türkiye’s first century and lay the inspiration for the second century, at the moment are evident in numerous areas, together with training, healthcare, safety, judiciary, transportation, vitality, agriculture, and sports activities.

“Türkiye has grown, developed, and become stronger and wealthier, transforming into a country where our people can look forward to the future with optimism at home and a country that leads, rather than follows, the rest of the world.”

He stated that the declaration of the institution of the Republic of Türkiye marked the graduation of a broad revitalization interval, encompassing numerous elements comparable to training and the financial system.

Numerous achievements which have elevated Türkiye’s popularity on the worldwide stage could be traced again to this era, he added.

“In order for the Turkish nation and its government to stand on its own two feet in agriculture, industry, education, health, transportation, democratic rights and freedoms, and many other areas that will elevate our nation’s standard of living, every single member of our society was truly mobilized,” Altun stated.

“Our nation has proudly weathered storms and scaled mountains, carrying our Republic on its again as we triumphantly march into our centennial yr.

“In the past two decades, the doors of a new century have been opened with the accumulation of the Republic’s centuries-old history and the vision of our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in order to pay tribute to the sacrifices and efforts made by our nation, which has embraced Türkiye’s cause for independence and the future,” he added.

Source: www.anews.com.tr

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