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Türkiye’s student assessment center to use AI to set exam question

Türkiye’s student assessment center to use AI to set exam question

Türkiye’s Student Assessment, Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) has introduced plans to include synthetic intelligence in optimizing its examination processes, notably in producing questions.

Professor Bayram Ali Ersoy, president of ÖSYM, spoke to Anadolu Agency (AA) concerning the initiative, stating: “We have welcomed AI experts into our team and established a new advisory board dedicated to this field. This advisory board is now actively engaged in shaping ÖSYM’s future policies.”

Ersoy revealed that the ÖSYM group consists of AI professors and needs numerous governmental models to work together with AI functions. He emphasised that the first objective is to coordinate with all establishments which might be stakeholders, such because the Meteorology Department, Highways Authority and municipalities.

The ÖSYM president defined that conferences will probably be held with related establishments concerning circumstances which will influence exams. This coordination will allow the group to conduct exams in more healthy environments.

Ersoy outlined the advantages of this coordination, stating: “By instantly transferring studies to our system, we will optimize examination processes even further. In cases of negative situations, we will avoid selecting schools in affected regions and instead place candidates in locations outside those areas. Thus, with a system based on artificial intelligence, candidate access to examination centers will be optimized. This will improve our processes and lead to savings in various aspects.”

Ersoy additional mentioned ÖSYM’s ongoing efforts to generate questions utilizing AI, a challenge that was initiated beforehand. The group goals to finish this challenge inside its present time period and envisions conducting examination evaluations with the help of AI.

He emphasised the significance of balancing the function of machines and people, stating, “AI should not imply neglecting the human factor. In this sense, we will carefully maintain a balance between machines and humans.”

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