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Biden: Terrorists and dictators need to pay a price

Biden: Terrorists and dictators need to pay a price

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Published October 20,2023


In a big deal with, President Joe Biden drew parallels between the conflicts in Ukraine and Israel, emphasizing the necessity for terrorists and dictators to be held accountable.

Biden known as on Congress to move an assist bundle to help each nations, with an anticipated request of $100 billion in extra funding.

During his speech, President Biden said, “Hamas and Putin represent different threats, but they share this in common: they both want to completely annihilate a neighboring democracy.”

He highlighted the urgency of stopping Putin’s ambitions for energy and management in Ukraine, emphasizing that the results may prolong past Ukraine’s borders.

Biden strongly condemned Hamas, describing their actions as “pure unadulterated evil on the world” and emphasizing the highest precedence of making certain the protection of Americans held hostage.

The president additionally addressed the notion that these conflicts might sound distant to many Americans, underlining that supporting the success of Israel and Ukraine is essential for America’s nationwide safety.

In conclusion, President Biden confused that it’s important for terrorists and dictators to face penalties for his or her actions, underscoring the significance of offering substantial assist to Israel and Ukraine as a method of safeguarding American pursuits.

Source: www.anews.com.tr


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