Home World Israel violates ‘most fundamental human rights, values’ in Gaza: Ankara

Israel violates ‘most fundamental human rights, values’ in Gaza: Ankara

Israel violates ‘most fundamental human rights, values’ in Gaza: Ankara

Ankara condemned Israel early Saturday amid full lower off of communication channels in Gaza.

“Israel is showing once again that it is not interested in protecting civilians or respecting basic human rights. The complete cutoff of landline, mobile, and internet communications in the Gaza Strip signals the latest stage in Israel’s military campaign against Palestinians,” stated Türkiye’s Presidential Communications Director Fahrettin Altun in a message he shared on X, beforehand generally known as Twitter.

“While the Israeli military continues its most intense airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, which has been under siege since October 7th, its simultaneous effort to destroy communications is a blatant attack on the most fundamental human rights and values,” Altun added.

Communications and web providers within the Gaza Strip had been fully lower off on Friday night amid heavy Israeli bombing of feeder traces, towers, and networks, the Palestine Telecommunications Company stated.

Ooredoo Palestine, a cell supplier within the West Bank, stated its cellphone providers had been fully lower off from the Gaza Strip.

“Israel’s blackout, intended to prevent all international communication channels connecting Gaza to the outside world, clearly indicates an intent to commit war crimes. This is an attempt to hide the ugly truth of Israeli destruction of civilian lives.”

Altun additionally stated the Western international locations’ inaction “renders them complicit in this crime.”

“Those who oppose any restrictions on Israel’s ability to attack indiscriminately and without any consequences must take another look at where they stand. They must realize that their enabling stance in these horrible days will go down as a permanent stain in their history. I strongly condemn Israel for ignoring the basic rights and freedoms of the people in Gaza and the rest of Palestine. This must stop at once. The world powers supporting these atrocities have no moral high ground to lecture anyone from now on.”

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