Home World Legendary singer Yusuf Islam urges cease-fire in Gaza

Legendary singer Yusuf Islam urges cease-fire in Gaza

Legendary singer Yusuf Islam urges cease-fire in Gaza

Published October 28,2023


British singer Yusuf Islam on Saturday known as for a cease-fire in Gaza as he addressed the “Great Palestine Meeting” a pro-Palestine rally in Istanbul.

“My message today is to plead for an end to the bombing of innocent families, their homes, and especially the little children who make up half the number of the those who have been killed,” mentioned Islam, often known as Cat Stevens.

He thanked Türkiye “for taking right stand” on the humanitarian disaster in Gaza, which is reeling from relentless Israeli airstrikes for 3 weeks.

“This is not a battle between equals. If we look at the attack on Oct. 7 comparing it to the scale of the vast military response, it is just beyond comparison. In Islam the protection of women and children and non-combatants is fundamental,” he mentioned.

He additionally urged Israelis to recall the message of Torah and forsake “the path of doom and destruction.”

“Remember the original message God sent to you: ‘You shall not kill, You shall not steal, You shall not seek your neighbours property.’ These are the laws Moses taught the world. Why don’t you follow them?” he mentioned.

“I am repeating these facts because I believe the Holy land has been granted to all the family of Abraham, who was not a Jew or a Christian, for the worship of One God,” he mentioned.

He mentioned the Palestinian inhabitants adheres to the beliefs of Prophet Abraham, including that Zionism is a political motion that emerged within the aftermath of a harmful and brutal battle in Europe, and has “nothing to do it with Palestinians.”

He added that earlier than studying the Quran, he, like many people within the Western world, endorsed the thought of “planting trees in the land of Israel.”

However, he mentioned, that after embracing Islam, he was capable of see “beyond the shadowy veil.”

Source: www.anews.com.tr


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