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Madrid: Pressure on Israel must continue to put an end to planned genocide in Gaza Strip | PM Netanyahu should be brought to ICC


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Published November 20,2023


The Minister of Social Rights and 2030 Agenda, Ione Belarra, expressed her perception that stress on Israel should persist to place an finish to the “planned genocide” occurring in Gaza.

Minister Belarra additionally joined a march from the Israeli Embassy in Madrid to the US Embassy, denouncing Israel’s assaults on the Gaza Strip.

During a press convention, Belarra spoke out in opposition to Israel’s navy actions within the Gaza Strip, labeling them as “planned genocide”. She emphasised the significance of quick motion from the Spanish and European governments to place a halt to the destruction of Palestinian lives.

Belarra known as for elevated stress on Israel to declare a ceasefire in Gaza.

Belarra strongly believes that step one for the brand new authorities in Spain needs to be to finish diplomatic ties with Israel. Additionally, she urged them to hitch forces with South Africa and different nations of their efforts to convey Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the International Criminal Court.

Belarra emphasised the urgency of this case, stating that the ICC should subject an arrest warrant for Netanyahu immediately.

Source: www.anews.com.tr

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