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Netanyahu aide: Disturbing image shown on TVs – previously declared as charred bodies of Israeli civilians – was actually of Hamas fighters


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Published November 19,2023


The ongoing battle in Gaza has resulted in quite a few civilian deaths by the hands of Israeli forces since October 7, regardless of worldwide legal guidelines prohibiting such actions. In an obvious try to justify these killings, Israel has disseminated false info to the worldwide group.

In an additional try to advertise their agenda, Israel circulated pictures of charred our bodies and an announcement claiming that these had been harmless civilians killed by Hamas. However, like many different falsehoods, this one was additionally confirmed to be unfaithful.

As a visitor, Mark Regev, Chief Advisor to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, went on the American MSNBC channel.

Regev clarified that the disturbing picture proven on the tv channel, initially believed to be of Israeli civilian casualties, was truly of Hamas members.

Netanyahu’s aide acknowledged the earlier assertion of 1,400 casualties and up to date it to 1,200, acknowledging their mistake.

“The severity of the burns made it difficult to distinguish the victims’ identities at first, leading to their initial belief that they were Israeli civilians. It was later discovered that they were, in fact, Hamas members,” Mark Regev specified by his televised remarks.

Source: www.anews.com.tr

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