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Pro-Palestinian protests should be banned in France case by case – court


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Published October 18,2023


France‘s highest administrative court docket said on Wednesday that pro-Palestinian protests should be banned on a case-by-case foundation, whereas upholding the validity of an instruction from the French inside minister banning all pro-Palestinian protests.

In a notice despatched to regional police authorities, dated Oct. 12, the inside minister had ordered that “pro-Palestinian protests, because they are likely to generate disturbances to public order, must be banned”.

The attraction on the blanket ban instruction was introduced by the organisation Comite Action Palestine, arguing {that a} complete and absolute ban shouldn’t be justified and encroaches on freedom of expression and meeting.

The Conseil d’Etat upheld the validity of the notice however mentioned that native authorities couldn’t ban a protest based mostly solely on the notice or the truth that a protest is in assist of Palestinians.

The Conseil d’Etat mentioned in its resolution that whereas the judges remorse the approximative wording of the minister’s notice, it is intention was to instruct authorities to “ban all protests that support the Palestinian cause, that publicly justify or valorise, directly or indirectly, terrorist acts like those committed in Israel on October 7 by Hamas members.”

It added that given the tensions and rise in antisemitism in France, protests that “support Hamas (…) are of a nature to provoke disturbances to public order.”

Vincent Brengarth, lawyer for Comite Action Palestine, mentioned “it is a victory because it has swept away the systematic ban, now we will need to challenge bans on a case-by-case basis when they come.”

On Wednesday just a few hours earlier than the ruling, the police authorities of Marseille mentioned two pro-Palestinian protests have been to be banned for “risks to public order in the current context.”

Source: www.anews.com.tr

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