Home World Qatar’s emir calls for support to Palestinians in UN speech

Qatar’s emir calls for support to Palestinians in UN speech

Qatar’s emir calls for support to Palestinians in UN speech

Published September 20,2023


Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, in his deal with to the 78th session of the UN General Assembly in New York City, referred to as to help the Palestinian individuals to discover a simply political resolution.

“It is not acceptable for the Palestinian people to remain prisoners of the Israeli settler occupation arbitrariness, and the rejection of any just political solution in accordance with the principles of international legitimacy,” Sheikh Tamim stated on Tuesday.

He stated the failure of worldwide organizations continues to supply the chance for Israel “to undermine the foundations of the two-state solution by means of settlement expansion.”

The Qatari chief additionally spoke about assaults on holy websites in Jerusalem, use of heavy-handed means towards Palestinians and restrictions within the Gaza Strip.

He stated Doha supplies political, humanitarian and growth help to the “brotherly Palestinian people” and contributes in the direction of rebuilding the Gaza Strip, which is “reeling under the siege.”

The emir stated the disaster in Syria “is still awaiting a comprehensive settlement through a political process leading to a political transition.”

Sheikh Tamim additionally touched upon the continued civil struggle in Sudan, saying: “We condemn the crimes perpetrated against civilians in the capital Khartoum and Darfur region.” He referred to as for “holding perpetrators to account,” and for cessation of combating.

He affirmed Qatar’s “support for all regional and international efforts to facilitate reaching a cease-fire and hold a dialogue between the Sudanese political forces about the future of Sudan, with only one army charged with protecting rather than ruling the country.”

On Lebanon, the chief burdened the necessity for locating a “sustainable solution” to the political vacuum, and forming a authorities able to addressing the aspirations of the Lebanese individuals and getting them out of their financial and developmental disaster.

He additionally spoke on Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, and the current reconciliation between Iran and Saudi Arabia, and referred to as for a “radical peaceful solution” to finish the Ukraine struggle.

Regarding the incidents of burning copies of the holy Quran in quite a lot of European nations, the emir stated “it is implausible for us to get distracted by an idiot or a biased person whenever it occurs to him to provoke us by burning the holy Quran or by other forms of triviality.”

“The Quran is too holy to be desecrated by a witless person,” he stated, including that “compromising the sanctity of others deliberately should not be seen as an example of the freedom of expression.”

Source: www.anews.com.tr


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