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Turkish FM Fidan warns American support to Israeli massacres in Gaza could lead to a global crisis


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Published November 19,2023


In an unique dialog with Hatice Benganna of Al Jazeera, Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Hakan Fidan delved into the present state of affairs in Gaza and detailed Ankara’s efforts to intervene and stop additional bloodshed.

Fidan emphasised the usage of all accessible diplomatic measures by Islamic nations. He additionally condemned the West, significantly the USA, for his or her deceitful and inhumane actions in the direction of the Israeli massacres within the Gaza Strip.

The US Secretary of State shared that he had a candid dialog with Blinken, requesting an entire ceasefire. Fidan expressed his response to Blinken, citing issues over double requirements. “It’s important to react when both Palestinians and Israelis are killed. Double standards reveal the failure of the world system,” Fidan mentioned.

He added that if American assist for Israel persists amidst ongoing killings and bombings, it might result in a worldwide disaster.

Mentioning the significance of offering assist to Gaza, Fidan additionally acknowledged: “Egypt is doing its utmost to facilitate this. However, there are certain sensitivities and matters that must be coordinated with Israel in order to successfully deliver aid.”

Source: www.anews.com.tr

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