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Erdoğan: Israel pushes boundaries of our patience with threats of nuclear weapons | Israels power only limited to women and children


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Published November 10,2023


President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan‘s tackle on the commemoration program organized by the Atatürk Supreme Institution of Culture, Language and History conveyed a profound message concerning the continued Israel-Gaza battle.

With an unwavering dedication to world peace and justice, Erdogan highlighted that battle just isn’t the answer to resolving these complicated points. He emphasised that as an alternative of turning a blind eye to human struggling in Gaza, it’s essential for nations worldwide to work collectively in the direction of establishing lasting peace in these troubled areas.

Erdoğan urged leaders to advertise diplomacy and have interaction in fruitful dialogue reasonably than resorting solely to army motion. His poignant statements echoed his steadfast perception that each one events concerned ought to prioritize empathy, understanding, and respect for human life as they navigate this difficult panorama fraught with deep-seated tensions.

Erdoğan laid out the next hanging phrases in his speech:

“Israel’s ruthless attacks on Gaza underscore the urgency and significance of our ongoing struggle for justice and the imperative to achieve success swiftly. In front of the entire world, a catastrophe, a tragedy, and a crime against humanity unfold. Those who forcibly seized the ancestral lands of the Palestinian people, where they have resided for millennia, are attempting to establish a state with a history of only 75 years, its legitimacy marred by their own brand of fascism. Unsatisfied with this, they push the boundaries of our patience with threats of nuclear weapons and delusions of promised lands that encroach upon our nation’s territory. Despite their technological superiority and immoral tyranny, the days are drawing near for those whose power is limited to innocent children, women, and the elderly. They [Zionists] will be awoken from this crude dream.

Undoubtedly, we will be answerable for the countless lives lost, from unborn babies to innocent children, oppressed women and men. There will be a reckoning for the oppression endured by millions, fueled by sick fanaticism for nearly a century. Each perpetrator and those complicit in this crime through their support will face judgment, first in the conscience of humanity and then throughout history.

As Türkiye, we will lead this charge on all platforms. While a significant number of states and administrations may turn a blind eye to the ongoing oppression, the voices resonating from the consciences of the people in these nations are steadily growing, providing hope for the future of humanity. Empowered by the collective conscience, we will wholeheartedly support the unwavering determination of the people of Gaza to remain in their homes and on their lands. We pledge to persist in speaking the truth and rectifying the wrong until the security of life and property for all Palestinians, especially those in Gaza defending their homeland, lives, and honour, is guaranteed.”

Source: www.anews.com.tr

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